Gota clear winner in Mangala’s presidential election number crunching !

Gota clear winner in Mangala’s presidential election number crunching !
While posting a video on his ‘Leader’ website and pronouncing Ranil Wickremesinghe as the most astute leader of this country who he dreams of being appointed as the future President of this country, Mangala Samaraweera admits to the bitter truth that RW clearly has no chance of victory. In short, Ranil simply cant!

It is in this background that he also makes an assumption that the only other person who can contest against Gotabaya Rajapaksa and win is Sajith Premadasa. Fielding Sajith against Gota, and winning the elections according to Mangala is a piece of cake !

To prove his case, Mangala goes onto to lay bare some survey and research information, which unfortunately cannot be judged as a credible source since neither the source of data nor the process of data gathering i divulged.

Although it is crystal clear that irrespective of whether it is Ranil, Karu or Sajith who come forward the result will not vary much, this research which promotes Sajith’s candidacy can mislead a reader. That is why these ‘conjured up statistics’ need to be analyzed and explained with clarity.

Even if you follow Mangala’s misguided hypothesis, it must be stated at the outset that the final result will spell doom and gloom for Sajith Premadasa who is projected to get 4.64 million votes while his contender Gotabaya Rajapaksa will successfully get 4.69 million.


It is imperative that we reiterate how removed the numbers of this convoluted research is in comparison to the ground realities. In a possible Gota-RW election, Gota is expected to garner 58% while RW is expected get only 10%. This will slightly improve if Sajith replaces RW, where GR is expected to get 50% while SP expects to get 30%.

We are talking about a terribly unpopular government of which the UNP is a partner. This government is responsible for numerous despicable acts. Robbing of the Central Bank, condemning war heroes to imprisonment as perpetrators, insulting and imprisoning the Buddhist clergy, allowing extremists to deface and destroy our ancient artifacts at will, selling our national assets like the Hambanthota port, signing of international pacts that are unfavorable to the country, retarding the country’s economic growth from approx. 8% to 3% at a whim, increasing the national debt from dollar million 5200 to 14,000, unfairly increasing taxes to make the common man suffer (during Rajapaksa regime 2014 – Rs Billion 1050 and in 2018 – Rs Billion 2077) etc.

Why would the prevailing Prime Minister of a government and Leader of the UNP, who through its negligence and mismanagement, stands condemned of the dastardly Easter attack gain less votes than the Deputy Leader of the party at a Presidential election ? What would be the reason that Hindu, Islam and Christian communities vote ?

The main point to ponder is…did Sajith Premadasa, being a powerful Minister of the present Government, either in word or deed condemn or oppose this dastardly attack ? At least, as the line Minister for Culture in this country, did he take any steps to curtail or protect our national heritage, our ancient treasures and archeological sitesof great value to this country ? Where was he when Muslim extremists were razing our temples to the ground in the East and planting fields of chillie instead ? When Tamil terrorists broke into Gurukanda temple and started building a Kovil on the same site, where was he ? When Muslim extreme groups laid siege upon Muhudu Viharaya by sea and land what did this Minister entrusted with our Nation’s heritage do ? Did he even visit this place to inquire into the situation ? Isn’t he the very same person who posed a road block when a Catholic Minister attempted to give electricity to Kuragala ? Isn’t he the one and same person who was accused of getting a Muslim Mawlavi to clear 2 acres of Kallaru forest in the name of a housing project ?

While national treasures were being destroyed, instead of deploying the National Cultural Fund to preserve and protect these invaluable assets of the Nation, isn’t he the person who was blowing his own trumpet about spending millions of rupees of the Fund to build Sunday Schools ? Is this being a true Buddhist ? A Sinhalese ? At least can this be deemed as the work of an intelligent man ? In the midst of all this, how can any peace loving patriotic person condone when he brags that the Buddha statues being destroyed in broad daylight by Muslim extremists at Mawanella have no archeological value?


The man proclaimed to be Sajith’s ‘Handler’ is none other than the one time Foregin Minister who was responsible for joining hands with the USA to bring a war crimes charge against our sovereign Homeland at the Geneva Human Rights Commission. He goes down condemned in history as the one and only traitor of this country who has spearheaded such an international charge against his own Motherland.

When the present Army Commander who is a decorated war veteran was appointed to this position, it was none other that Mangala Samaraweera who stood with the Tamil National Alliance and Western forces with vested interests to oppose the appointment which the whole country hailed as timely and necessary. Under the pretext and label of ‘Disappeared Persons’ he recently had the audacity to announce his readiness as the Finance Minister, a monthly stipend of Rs.6000 to terrorists who fought against their Motherland. His statement comes in the wake of neglected war heroes who laid their lives on the line for this country, taking to the streets asking for their rightful pensions.

None can forget that even before the blood of the Easter attack victims have dried and the families of those affected still battle their grief, Mangala Samaraweera heartlessly gave voice to the religious terrorists by openly pronouncing that Sri Lanka was not a Buddhist country. His despicable utterances created an irreparable damage to the image of a Nation founded upon Buddhistic beliefs of inclusion, peace and happiness. His demeaning and insulting words against patriotic priests like Kudapola, Wariyapola Sumangala, S. Mahinda theros can never be ignored or forgotten.

The Buddhists of this country have a clear understanding of who this ‘Handler’ and ‘Mouthpiece’ of Sajith Premadasa is, who had no qualms about imposing controls on the Maha Sangha saying that Buddhist monks from Polonnaruwa, Gampaha, Matara etc should not be allowed into temples. It is also paramount to note, that at no point in time did Sajith Premadasa, the so called Presidential aspirant man up for the Buddhists or Buddhist clergy of this country.

While His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith who is of Roman Catholic faith spoke up for the Buddhists and defended Buddhism, none of these shameless Buddhist political representatives expressed their concern. Would anyone believe that Mangala Samaraweera would stoop so low as to tweet tagging the Vatican that “Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is fanning the flames of hatred and communalism by visiting fasting robed MO Ratana”. The viciousness and state of Mangala’s demented and devious mind always becomes evident when he shoots his mouth filled with venomous and degrading rhetoric.

While Ranjan Ramanayake, MP openly abused, condemned and attacked the Buddhist clergy, Sajith Premadasa turned a blind eye and deaf ear. If Mangala Samaraweera believes that through his skull duggery he can hoodwink the Sinhala Buddhists to support Sajith Premadasa, then he must really underestimate the intelligence of the voter. In reality, as Harin Fernando proclaim Sajith Premadasa is the offspring of Ranil Wickremesinghe. Kiriella endorses this view by saying Sajith’s father is Ranil. Mangala Samaraweera is that child’s errand boy and nothing else.


According to this research, at a Gota-Ranil election, while Gota will end up with 12% of the Hindu vote, Ranil will secure 37%. However, if Sajith is the contender, then Sajith’s voter haul is expected to rise to 51% while Gota’s will fall to 8%. Why would the Hindu community grant only 37% to Ranil if Sajith can secure 51%??? Is it that it was Sajith’s father President Ranasinghe Premadasa who supplied Tamil Tiger Terrorists with cement, steel and cash to fight against the Forces of our country ? Or is it that senior Premadasa facilitated the enfranchising of Estate Tamils as an election ploy? Could it even be Sajith simply keeping mum as a Kovil was being erected where Gurukanda temple once was? Or is it as per the Maitri-Ranil manifesto declaration of 2015 where within a unitary state, a devolution of power was assured ?

If one assumes that the Hindu community of Sri Lanka will solely depend on powers that propagate and promote separatism to decide on their vote, isn’t it more plausible to think that both the Tamil National Alliance and the international community which is sympathetic to the minorities will route with someone like RW who is their proven puppet? In this context how will Sajith Premadasa garner more votes than Ranil Wickremesinghe?

On the other hand, with the unexpected Easter bombing calamity it is no secret that the Hindu community who was picking up theirs lives and enjoying much awaited peace and freedom post terrorism war in the North and East, were once again beginning to experience a fear for their lives. Once again, a sense of instability and insecurity. It was truly ironical that even the TNA politicians who were counting the days for the disbandment of army barracks from the North and East, were now requesting for the continuation of security posts in their so called home territories. As a precautionary measure The Nallur Kovil was secured tightly again and many a police post was reinstated in the Peninsula, post the East attack. In a government that is completely and utterly responsible for the humongous security breach that took place on Easter Sunday, can there be a status quo difference between a Prime Minister and a Senior Minister ? In fact, did Sajith Premadasa display a behaviour that was different to RW?

On the other hand, the Tamil people have been slowly but steadily rejecting the Tamil National Alliance as the true representative of the people because of the party’s two faced policies and the open knowledge that the TNA was enjoying handouts from the government. At 2018 Provincial elections the TNA only secured 32%, with 68% rejecting the party.

Therefore, there was an emerging ground swell where under the alternate leadership of Vignyarnamoorthi Muralidharan (Karuna), Arun Thambimuththu, Sathasivam Viyalendran, sivashakthi Anandan, Vardharajah Perumal, Nara Arrukkanth, Muttiah Muralidharan the Tamil community was galvanizing. As the frivolous number crunching of this survey indicates, there is an over estimation of the Estate Tamil political reps. They gravitate towards the winning horse, whoever he may be from whichever party. That’s the pattern.


As per this survey information, if its a Gota-Ranil election the breakdown of Catholic/Christian vote would be 27% to Gota and 21% to Ranil. But if Sajith comes, then Gota’s votes are expected to plummet to 11% and Sajith will garner 57%. How is it possible that Ranil who comes backed by a predominantly Christian foundation will have less of a following than Sajith, who has absolutely no such foundation ? What unique characteristics would Sajith possess for this Christian/Catholic community to choose him ? Is it that he tip toes into the Charismatic Christian abode at Kirulapone unknown to the public ? Could the reason be that like his sister and Rosie Senanayake he too has embraced this ‘born again’ Christian worship? If the Christian community is with Sajith, why would a UNP stalwart John Amaratunga, a political pillar of the Christian community stand with RW? Did Sajith even stand up for and speak on behalf of the Christian people who were so helplessly slaughtered on Easter Sunday ? Other than for disbursing funds from the National Cultural Fund to repair and reconstruct the damaged churches, has Sajith who cohabits with the likes of Richard Bathiudeen done anything for the innocent victims of the Easter attack? Has he moved a muscle, spoken a word against Muslim extremism ? Did Sajith counter and condemn his goafer Mangala when he ridiculed and insulted the Chief religious representative of the Catholic people, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith ?

It is an absolute fallacy to think that the Christian community will support Sajith who’s greatest supporter is an evil character like Mangala Samaraweera who’s none other than a son of Satan.


If Gota-Ranil contest the elections, as per these numbers Ranil will get 36% of the votes while Gota gets 11%. But if Sajith comes it is said that he will get 56% and Gota 5%. What is the plausible reason why Sajith would get 20% more votes than Ranil? How would Gota lose about 6% of the votes merely by Sajith coming? For this phenomenon, what superlative characteristics would the Muslim community identify in Sajith as opposed to Ranil? It is no secret that both Ranil and Sajith are equally responsible for the rapid evolvement of extremist activists in the country. Their mutual blessings are evident at many junctures. In that background could the Muslim community believe that Sajith would display a greater support towards their cause, even more than Ranil ? If not, has the Muslim community still not confronted the truth and realized how the Government has created an environment where a Sinhalese and Tamil are compelled to visualize and think of a mass murderer Saharan each time they meet a Muslim ? When the Muslim ministers resigned collectively has not the moderate Muslim people seen the hidden hand of the Government manipulating to a point where today a moderate peace loving Muslim man is shunned and repulsed by his own countrymen ? Is the moderate Muslim willing to allow a manipulative Government who made them vulnerable continue ?


On 6 September Mangala Samaraweera opined at Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition in Jaffna that 5/6 of the Sri Lankan people are asking for Sajith Premadasa. As per his comment, 83% of the people are ready to elect his as the next President of Sri Lanka.

5 days after on 11 September, Mangala Samaraweera in his Leader website released a video encompassing these survey and research data done on the potential Presidential candidates. Strangely though there is no correlation between the numbers he parroted out in Jaffna before the Media and now what he’s professing here in this video. Even if we give the benefit of doubt to Minister Mangala in this instance, we can only deduce that he had absolutely no clue 5-6 days ago, about this survey which he maintains was commissioned in July.

It is no secret that this is anything but a popular Government and that it is deteriorating by the second. It is an insult to even assume that the right thinking moderate people of this country would be so hard up as to accept spent forces like Ranil or Sajith. Therefore, it can be safely deduced that if it is contest between Gota and Sajith, the hitherto unaccounted for ‘floating vote’ of 3.17 million comprising of the moderate voter would most certainly tilt towards the Opposition candidate as the prevailing Government candidate has already lost the plot.

Far more amusing is the fact that a powerful Minister of the Government has resorted to share ‘cooked up’ numbers in a desperate bid to mislead the public. Whereas the intelligent public has already understood that this is his way of masking the impending defeat of the Government candidate whoever he may be.

Naveen Dissanayke, National Organiser of the UNP challenged Mangala Samaraweera to disclose this information which shows only Sajith Premadasa can win. He accused Mangala of not sharing this vital information. Isn’t this mind boggling ? If the survey and research data show a definite victory, why would it not be shared with the Leader, National Organiser and General Secretary of the United National Party ?

There is only one truth. And that is despite any candidate opposing him, Gotabaya Rajapakse will be voted the President of this country by the people who have had enough of this ‘change gone disastrously wrong’. People are demanding a Leader who doesn’t pass the buck or point fingers. People are demanding a Leader who has an action plan and knows how to implement. Above all the people are demanding a Leader who will take responsibility and can be help accountable for his decisions as the Head of this country. The time for number crunching and child play is long gone. Sri Lanka, we are lagging behind already !

By Dr Adrian Alles